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Editing content such as images and text is done via the Visual Builder within your WordPress Content Management System. We will show you the basics which will hopefully help you get started and enable you to manage content whenever and where ever you want (so long as you’ve got an internet connection).

Enabling The Visual Builder

While you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard, you can navigate to any page on the front-end of your website and click the “Enable Visual Builder” button in the WordPress admin bar to launch the visual builder.

If you are editing your page on the back-end, you can switch to the visual builder by clicking the “Enable Visual Builder” button that sits at the top of the back-end Divi Builder interface (note, you must first enable the Divi Builder before the visual builder button will appear).

Once the Visual builder loads you will see a preview of your website either as a wireframe block, or as a live preview. If you do see the wireframe (building block) view, we would always recommend clicking the button at the top of the page ‘Build On The Front End’. This will then load the live preview version of your web page.

Your page is made up of a mixture of ‘Sections’, ‘Rows’, Columns and ‘Modules’. You can read our introduction to Sections, Rows and Modules here or for further reading on Sections and Rows check out the links.

When in the visual builder you will notice that by moving your cursor around the screen that you begin to see blue, green and grey boxes. The ones we need to concentrate on are the grey ones. Hovering over the module you wish to edit will bring up a tool bar with a series of options (Move, Edit, Duplicate, Save to Library, Delete and More) Clicking the Edit ‘cog’ icon will bring up the module settings box.

For articles on each of the modules available check out this link

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