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Discover our fully managed email marketing service. Beautifully designed, responsive email marketing that gets results.

At last! A fully managed email marketing service!

Why have the hassle of managing your own email marketing campaigns when we can handle the whole process for you?

Planning and running email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be hard work. Sit back and relax whilst our experienced team design and build creative email campaigns and marketing automation sequences that engage with and nurture your clients and prospects.

Strategy & planning

Email marketing has the potential to deliver outstanding ROIs. Success depends upon having clear goals and a well executed and consistently delivered strategy.

Email marketing can be used at all stages of a customer’s journey. Engaging, nurturing, converting and reinforcing the relationship. The strategy we deploy will vary according to the lifecycle stage of the client.

We help you define your marketing goals, plan the strategies and campaign types best suited for each stage of the customer journey and deploy the latest in email marketing techniques to continually optimise your ROI.

List building strategies

The first step in any email marketing is that of growing your list.

The best email marketing lists are grown organically, consistently and with due regard to the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PERC) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We help you review the interaction points you have with the stages of your customer’s journey to help identify and implement industry leading best practices to grow your email list and to integrate with your wider marketing activities.

List cleansing & segmentation

Maintaining a healthy, engaged list is vital to ensuring you achieve the best possible results and reputation with ISPs.

We help you plan re-engagement campaigns, manage inactive records and segment lists according to buyer personas, preferences, interests and their stage in your buying journey.

Intelligently segmenting your list helps you stay relevant with your audience, improve your sender reputation, achieve higher performance metrics and ROI.

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Responsive email design

Statistically your audience are more likely to open and interact with your emails using a mobile device. It is no longer an option to send a non-mobile responsive email.

To compound things further, there is a growing plethora of email clients that render html in different ways; making it a continual challenge to ensure that the intended design displays optimally across multiple devices and email clients.

We deploy the latest, responsive email design and testing techniques, using media queries, layout, fonts, buttons, text, images and content to ensure your emails are delivered.

Email deliverability

You could have the most beautifully designed and written email campaign, but if it doesn’t successfully land in the inbox of your audience it’s worthless.

There are numerous factors that affect email deliverability including sender domain reputation, frequency and bounce-rates of emails, the sending infrastructure and the way emails are authenticated using SPF and DKIM records.

Our email marketing platform (NewZend) uses industry leading email delivery service providers to ensure outstanding deliverability.

Email landing pages

Sending an email, whilst valuable, depends upon having content to click through to. Without which, you have no way to measure engagement.

We help you design and build conversion focused landing pages and automated email marketing sequences to help you engage with and nurture relationships with clients and prospects.

Whether you want to sell a product, service or sell B2B, you need a high converting sales funnel to help you sell more. Whether you want to generate leads, run a webinar, sell products or simply send emails to nurture relationships, we can help you design and build a landing page that will meet your business objectives.

Marketing automation & sales funnels

Extend your email marketing with automated email marketing sequences and sales funnels. Once designed and written, relax! You can be confident that your key messages are delivered automatically, as subscribers or new clients come on board.

Selling is hard enough. Why not make the whole process so much easier by writing and delivering those key sales messages that will help support your sales activities? We help you plan, write and deliver each communication.

Reporting & analytics

Don’t be left in the dark. Having a thorough understanding of how successful your email marketing activities have been is essential.

We help you decide your campaign objectives, plan the metrics which will help determine its success and provide the ongoing reports you need to measure its success.

Typical metrics include: emails sent, number of emails opened, open rates, number of links clicked, click-through-rates (CTR), bounce rates andconversions generated.

Contact us to discuss your specific campaign objectives and how we could help you.

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